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I was referred by another Weiss customer to visit prior to surgery (scheduled for 1 week later) and see what Spinal Decompression can do to repair my L5-S1 herniation. I couldn't walk or sit down. Met with the docs without faith they could rectify or find a medical solution without cutting me open. Even after meeting with the docs, I was skeptical, but my wife pushed me to keep trying and work with Weiss.

Here we are 4 weeks later after ~10 sessions, I can walk without a cane, avoided surgery, and frankly, saved my life from going down into the drain by juggling pain with family & work. God answered my prayers with Dr Larry & Dr Max. Thank you, Lord. May they both keep helping our community for years to come.

The office staff's understanding and patience (dealing with me is very difficult) was second to none. I rarely give reviews, but I consider this a testimony.

– Tom M, MI

Dr. Weiss has been a great help in relieving my back and hip pain. He is a compassionate person who is always willing to listen and share information that would benefit me. Dr. Weiss takes a personal interest in each of his patients. He has always had time for me in case of an emergency appointment. His caring goes beyond what I have experienced with any other doctor.

– Dave V. Novi, MI

Dr. Weiss knows just what to do to get you back on track and moving around comfortably. He will even come in on a day when the office is closed if you are experiencing intense back pain. He is quick and thorough... never keeps a patient waiting long for their adjustments. And... he is very friendly and personable. I highly recommend him!!

– Amy R. Livonia, MI

Dr. Weiss has helped my husband and I live pain free. Whether it is from an injury to our back or neck or just the result of being weekend warriors, we know that if we come to him we will soon be free of pain and back to our everyday life. He truly takes an interest in each patient and will go above and beyond for you. We have recommended many people to his office.

– Kathy H. West Bloomfield, MI

I have had lower back issues on and off for 25 years and have been to a number of chiropractors in that time. I was recommended to see Dr. Weiss about 2 years ago and have been seeing him since. I am an avid golfer and this puts additional torque on my spine Dr. Weiss has helped me immensely with treatments that have relieved my back issues and allows me to enjoy my favorite past time. I never have a problem getting in to see him if I need to. I highly recommend anyone suffering from back pain to give Dr. Weiss an opportunity to treat you as I'm certain you will be pleased with your outcome.

– Mark S. Wixom, MI

Dr. Weiss has gone above and beyond what most doctors do in their practice. I have been a patient since 2001 with injuries from falling down stairs, sitting all day at my job and stress. My husband has been a patient since 2008 with back and hip pain including headaches from work and stress. Also my husband was diagnosed in 2012 with Menieres disease. Dr. Weiss took the time to do extra research to help alleviate his symptoms. He has called us both personally to see if you are feeling better and offered to meet us at the office on non-office hours if we were not. We consider ourselves blessed to have a doctor who pays this much attention to our needs.

– Marti W. Wixom, MI

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